The Raid 2 Movie Review

The Raid 2


One Sentence: Too long and it lost the magic of the first one.

Rated: R

Nudity: Boobs

After Credits: None

If you haven’t seen  The Raid: Redemption that was released in 2011.  An import from Indonesia, then you should see about watching that movie as soon as you can.  It did fairly well in America and so I guess everyone wanted to get back on that money trails and The Raid 2 is being released wide this weekend.  The Raid was a fast paced, hard-hitting action movie with Indonesian style martial arts, and a pull no punches attitude with its fight scenes, and action.  It was a very fun movie to watch.  So I was excited to see The Raid 2.

Clocking in at 49 minutes longer than the original.  This Raid 2 tries a little too hard with the story and loses what was so great about the original movie.  Well shot seamless action with a small story that didn’t get in the way of what you wanted to see.  This one you can tell from the poster that it has a lot going on.  Father, Brother, Cop, Criminal.  We are pulled all these different directions with story about crooked cops, his son that he doesn’t see, going under cover, and all these bad guys that were very hard to keep straight.  Then it seemed like there was less action.  There still were great fight scenes, but they seemed few and far between compared to the confusing story that was trying to unfold before us.  In the end it was graphic, bloody and confusing, and I felt like I could have had it end 30 minutes earlier.

So once again I think we have a sequel that lost sight of what was so great about it predecessor and tried to do something else.  I can not really get behind seeing this in the theater.  I think it’s a little too much to ask to pay for a 2.5 hour movie with subtitles that is just not amazing, and The Raid 2 is just not amazing enough.

2 Stars for The Raid 2

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