Godzilla Movie Poster

One Sentence: Awww monster babies.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

After the tragedy that was the first American Godzilla release, getting a CG Godzilla movie made in America again was a huge hurdle.  It finally is coming out with the support of super hot Bryan Cranston.  The marketing has been amazing.  I can’t think of trailers that I have seen lately that have made me want to watch a movie more.  So maybe it was over hyped for me, but I was excited.  Was this Godzilla going to be better than the last?

This Godzilla is better than the last, but it still wasn’t the face melting metal filled monster movie that we wanted.  I don’t know if the movie we want could ever be made.  The line between cheesy rubber monster, and awesome thunder lizard that breathes nuclear fire but has a heart of gold is something that I do not think can be made with a one off movie.  It requires 50 years of monster development and an understanding of what the movie is supposed to be, to be successful.  The expectation in America is too high for a Godzilla movie to be a 5 star mega block buster.

So this movie is getting a 3 out of 5 from me.  It had 1 awesome monster fight scene.  It had a lot of military action and not enough science.  It felt like a sequel to Jurassic Park where they took out all the science, and traded it for guns, and military.  It injected a weird family story that didn’t need to be there and felt very forced, and there were other monsters who didn’t feel like they were well thought out as far as what a monster or giant animal from ancient times would look like.  It just had a lot of things going on in a lot of directions and it didn’t feel organized.  It did give me hope for another Godzilla, movie.  I would go see another, and maybe it would be a little bit more over the top than this one. So everyone goes to watch this one, maybe the next one will be the movie I am hoping for.

As far as if you should go see it.  I think you would have fun watching it and I think it is worth paying for. It isn’t the movie in the trailers, and it isn’t that perfect monster movie we have been hoping for.  Maybe America can’t do giant robots and giant monsters.

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