Transformers: Age Of Extinsion

Horrible Movie

One Sentence: The Dinobots are in this movie for about 20 minutes and are not impressive.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

Holy crap, I have not been this offended by my time being stolen in a long time.  Now I have to write this review and waste even more time?  I hope at least I can save you 3 hours.  Yes, 3 hours!  Because that is how long this movie is, and if you see that I wrote that the Dinobots are in the last 20 minutes, that means, about 160 minutes of NO DINOBOTS.  Which might be ok, if this movie was good in any way.  If the plot didn’t suck totally, the dialogue wasn’t abysmal or the editing wasn’t the worst I have seen in a movie I think ever.

There is a scene where they are racing in a rally car, yes a rally car, through a corn field, they cut to some close up shots then back to the car, on an asphalted overpass.  The whole movie was like a weird time warp.  Something would be going on and then it would be the same scene but like later in that scene, and you don’t know how they got to that point.  It was like they thought they had so much good stuff that they had to make the hard choices to cut it down to 3 hours.  So the decision was made, cut all the things that thread together these scenes, we just want the robots fighting anyway.

The Dinobots are what we are really here for anyway.  They didn’t speak, and didn’t have any plot around them.  They literally were found in cages, unlocked, and they were forced by Optimus to do his Autobot dictator bidding, or else he was going to heat sword them to death.  Ugh it was so disappointing.  They had a triple changer, who never triple changed at one time, they had Galvetron, but he sucked and was hardly in the movie either.   This whole movie was just a total waste of everything do not ever pay time or money to see this movie.


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