Into The Storm

Into The Storm

One Sentence: Twister 2, the twistiest.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

I loved Twister, it was horrible, it had Bill Paxton, and fake tornadoes, but it was visually amazing.  It did things they never did before in film.  It was a fun ride and it made for a very fun movie.  I still will watch it if I catch it on TV.  Twister had something that Into The Storm didn’t.  The surprise of amazing tornado special effects.  So Into The Storm had to bring something else, and it did not.  It was almost the same movie as Twister, except I think more people died in Into The Storm.  So I will probably watch it again in 10 years when it is on FX on Sunday, but I will forget about it until then.

Storm Chasers, an F5 tornado, and a family in the middle.  It was your run of the mill tornado movie formula.  It really didn’t surprise me in any way.  Well there was one scene at the end inside the Titan that was amazing (you will see). Even though it followed a Hollywood path, it was just a special effects movie and it didn’t have anything to say, it wasn’t a horrible movie.  It was visually stunning and I was nervous thought a lot of the movie.  It did what it needed to do, and none of it was badly put together.  It didn’t feel rushed, or the dialog wasn’t tragic.  It overall put together a pretty good forgettable movie.  Sadly it is a forgettable movie and just something I will never think about after this review.

I think you can go see it.  If it looks good to you, you won’t be disappointed in paying to see it, but don’t expect anything amazing.  It’s a movie about tornadoes, what do you expect.

3 Stars

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