Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

One Sentence: It wasn’t a total crapfest.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

I know the bar is set low when I am like well, it wasn’t the worst thing I have ever seen.  If I was comparing this to something like the 100 foot journey, which is amazing, then TMNT is an abomination.  However we are really comparing it to other summer movies and other Michael Bay movies, and if you put TMNT next to Transformers 4, the turtles would take home an Oscar.

The plot was all over the place, really really bad.  I am not quite sure what the plot was even now thinking back.  But that doesn’t matter does it.  We only need to know, was it fun, were the turtles bad ass, and how was The Shredder?  The turtles were over done to the extreme and annoying, but I think they always were and as an adult I just see it more now.  I felt like this movie more than most of these PG-13 comic book movies was focused more for kids.   However they were physically awesome.  Amazing CG and stellar fight scenes.  ILM delivered some amazing CG work.

The CG work is what really made this movie.  The fight scenes with the turtles and splinter were amazing.  So clean looking and so visually pleasing.  It is what saved this movie.  That and The Shredder.  He was designed very well.  He was brutal, strong, and very skilled in fighting.  I was really glad to see such a strong, overpowered bad guy.  I think he was my favorite part about the movie.  Without the great fight scenes you really don’t have much here.  There were enough of these scenes that it kept my attention and made me look at the shiny flashing things long enough to forget that the plot was horrible.

So it at least was something nice to look at for a little bit, and you might make it through it when you take your kids.  I don’t think you have to rush to the theater to see this one though.

2-3 Stars.

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