The Hundred-Foot Journey

The Hundred Foot Journey

Rated: PG

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

I love making food.  Working and getting the ingredients together to make something that you love and that tastes amazing is a wonderful experience.  When I saw the trailer for The Hundred-Foot Journey I almost instantly fell in love with it.  It just looked like an amazing visual experience about the other senses that you don’t experience in the movies.

When I was watching the movie, it took about 5 minutes for me to know that I was going to love every minute of this movie.  The beautiful scenery, the shots that expressed the love of food and flavor in a way that made you experience it yourself.  The people who made this movie loved food and wanted to share that love with other people who do and it was done wonderfully well.

The Hundred-Foot Journey is beautiful, sweet, funny, romantic and about family, by blood, and otherwise.  It is a simple story, and tells it perfectly.  It is a great movie in this time of Ninja Turtles and other super heroes to just sit down have an amazing meal with some amazing people.  That is what The Hundred-Foot Journey feels like, and it was very welcome.

5 Stars.

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