The November Man

The November Man Movie Poster

One Sentence: Holy bad dialog.

Rated: R

Nudity: Boobs

After Credits: None

Do you know about The November Man, not the movie, but the character, played by Pierce Brosnan in the movie by the same title?  You don’t?  Are you sure, because the writers sure think you do.  As we are blasted into this very confusing story with a familiarity like James Bond, we are meant to not act like we don’t know what is going on from the very beginning.  The writers think it is easy to figure out, hes a spy or was, and shit went down and it was bad but now hes back because of things, super easy to figure out guys, so lets just move on and forget most of the back story.

We get caught up throughout the movie.  Well, I think that was the idea.  That we were supposed to figure it out.  However with all of the horrible dialog and all this unexplained characters blasting their spy business all over the place, it is really hard to follow for most of the movie.  There are assassins, and pimps, and CIA, and Russia, and guns, and 60 year scotch and Brosnan.  All of this noise does make for a visually appealing experience of guns, fights, boobs, and other spy business.  It just isn’t enough to make any sense.

So we have guns, and cars, and Russia and the CIA with Brosnan.  If that sounds like enough for you then you might like this movie.  However if you want dialog, plot, and to not be confused. This movie might not be for you. If you are going to go see this one I would not pay full price for it.

  • Zackery Taylor

    Seems like the classic spy who wants to get out of the game, but has to go back for ONE LAST MISSION! Didn’t we already have that in 3 Days to Kill this year?

    I’ll prob see this eventually, because I like dumb spy flicks, but it mostly likely won’t be in the theaters.

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