The Drop

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One Sentence: Cold, slow and detached.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

Maybe I watch too many movies now.  There are certain formats, especially in the “independent” world that have just been done to death and I am so tired of seeing the same format.  The Drop is a perfect example of that.  It is a well written movie with stellar acting by Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini.  It makes sense and I think could of been a good movie, but the direction choice for the movie was cold, distant, robotic, and lifeless.  It is one of those movies where everything is grey all the time, it is cloudy every day, and everyone lives on skid row, and they can’t make it out.  Life is grey, the characters are grey and the world is Grey.  Look at the poster, grey.

I have seen so many better movies that are using this format, so unless it is amazing, this movie just gets lost in the pile of independents that came before it that did this movie already.  So the only thing that makes it stick out from the pile is the acting, and the writing.  The writing was good but not amazing.  The story was small, and easily figured out, without seeing the movie play out on screen.  So without Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini making this movie worth watching, it would of been a total loss.  They are amazing, and they do carry the weight of this grey boat on themselves and they do it exceptionally well.

This is an actors class movie, showing how they can take something like The Drop and turn it into something worth while.  Without Bane and Tony Soprano, I would not recommend this movie at all.  With them in it, I think it is worth a rental when it gets on disk.

3 Stars

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    Good work on this site. Good viewers perspective. Add a search feature and I’d use it all the time. 😎

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