Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice Poster

One Sentence: I am not sure what is going on in this one.

Rated: R

Nudity: Yes

After Credits: None

Um…I am not sure what happened with this one.  There are all these flashy things, that are pulling in all these directions and it sounds exciting, and smart.  The kind of things that make you want to act like you know what is going on so that everyone around you doesn’t think you are an idiot, but in reality everyone is lost.  Boats, Dentists, Runaways, prostitutes, FBI, drugs, kidnappings, and this and that and the other.  It all just leads to some funny scenes that are not really going to make much sense at the end.

I would say that I liked Inherent Vice, or some of Inherent Vice.  I did think it was funny in some parts.  I did like the acting for the most part, and I did like some scenes.  I liked the relaxed feel of everybody, weaving in and out of each others lives and stories.  I thought that was well done, but with that ease came a loss of what the hell was going on.  By the end of the movie I was watching resolutions, that I understood, but I did not know how we got to those resolutions.  Since I enjoyed the scenes so much that led to these resolutions, not knowing how we got to them is I suspect bad writing.

I think this movie was saved by the actors ddeliveringthe best they could with what they had.  It fell down with delivering a full story, and makes for a less than amazing movie experience.  I think this one in a rental for those that really love anyone that worked on this movie, but I think most people can stay away from it.

2 Stars

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