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One Sentence: A history lesson

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

This is a pretty easy review.  This movie is excellent.  David  Oyelowo is excellent.  That is all I really need to write.

The movie is a perfectly timed story for those younger than I am, who were not alive when this event occurred.  I am a under educated white male, and I had heard references to Selma, and knew it was a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights movement, but I was not fully aware of what it was about or what occurred.  I am aware that this is a movie, and that there is no requirement for this movie to be accurate, but there is enough here for me to actually learn and educate myself further about this event, and I have.

The movie deals with the violence and injustices that occurred at Selma, it isn’t just a movie about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  It has a amazing cast, and is powerful and meaningful.  It feels like it is a perfect movie for the times, and it is something that will make us think about what is happening today, and remind us that history repeats itself.  It is a hard to watch movie, but that was the intention of Selma, and it is done very effectively.  I think this movie is something that everyone should see.

5 Stars for Selma

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