Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending Poster

One Sentence: Channing Tatum is a blonde haired, winged, wolf hybrid.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: Booty

After Credits: None

First let me start off by saying that the screening we had was blurry, they could not fix it.  So I do not have the quality of the visuals to help save this review.  It really bothered me though out the whole movie. It was hard to see the background in any scene, and I think a big part of this movie was the visual quality of it.

So you have probably seen the trailers for Jupiter Ascending coming out this weekend, not in the summer when it was supposed to.  The claim was to finish the special effects, which is entirely possible, or it was to fix this movie to make it at least watchable.  Jupiter Ascending is at least watchable.  It was the most middle of the road, didn’t offend for the most part but didn’t deliver anything movie I have seen in a long time.  The thing that is really sad about it, is it has an amazing back story, that we don’t learn about, and could of been something that people really enjoyed and would like to see more of.  Instead we have space boots that let you roller blade in the sky, and blonde Channing Tatum.

This movie isn’t even sci-fi, I would say.  It does take place in space, and is fiction, but there is so much action, so little acting, story, or plot that it really is just almost a non-stop action movie with a background in space.  It was a real let down.  I don’t need a super long space fight, I need to know more about this family, the story of the genetics, and all the other stuff that was glossed over for more chases in bird spaceships.

Bad acting helped drive this movie further into the dumpster.  Eddie Redmayne was especially terrible.  I just don’t think being the main villain is his thing.  It all felt so lost with what it wanted to do.  Space epic, but only by name.  An movie of epic scale in space, without delivering anything else that should go along with that.  While you should make it through this movie.  It is such a let down, that it makes it worse than it really is.  It is an ok movie, but it is far worse when you think about what it could have been.

2 Stars Jupiter Ascending

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