Hot Pursuit

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Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

I was excited.  I find Sofia Vergara quite funny on Modern Family and I have always liked Reese.  So I figured that this would would be pretty good.  I figured it would at least be fun.  A new attempt at a woman’s action comedy that didn’t have Melissa McCarthy in it.

It was none of those things.  It felt like a horrible sitcom style show put into movie format.  With weak jokes that were geared toward the lowest common denominator.  I was clearly in the minority however because the audience loved it.  Laughing and in the comments afterward everyone said they thought it was hilarious.   To me it felt weak, poorly put together, rushed, and having a real weak plot that did not make much sense.  Which is fine for a comedy if it is funny.  Neither leading lady felt like they had the feel for this movie down and it just didn’t work for me.  I think I laughed twice in the whole movie.  These two did not work together and it shows through painful jokes and slow scenes that are strung together by the supposed plot that felt like it was put together by the action comedy dart board.

I am so sad to say this because I wanted to like this movie but this is a complete skip.  No matinee, no money should be spent on this movie at all.  It wasn’t even worth the free Hot Pursuit branded nail file I got the screening.

1 Star for Hot Pursuit

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