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Before you read this review you should know that my most favorite place in the entire world that I have experienced, is Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  So A movie inspired by my most favorite place in the world is going to be a little biased.  I just thought I should give you fair warning.

So right out of the gate Space Mountain is in the skyline of Tomorrowland.  We see it very early on and I get excited.  The amount of Disney nerd glee in the first 20 minutes of this movie is high.  The future, the 1964 world’s fair, which was a milestone for Walt Disney, Jet Packs, and Tomorrowland.  It all hits you right of the gate and you are just dying to find out more.  Then the plot starts to unfold.

It has robots, toys, pins, rockets, interdimensional portals, and a whole lot of other future goodness, and for the most part the plot is pretty good.   The movie is beautiful and moves along fairly well for the most part.  It is exciting, funny, and very well done.  The CG is top notch and everyone in the family will be entertained by this movie.  But…but but…I have soooooo many questions.

How was this done, why did that happen.  How did he become the guy.   Who, what, why, where, how.  This I am sure is just my super nerd brain and love of movies colliding with my super nerd brain’s love for the Disney parks, but I want so much more.

By the end of the movie I was loving the story and the message, and letting the questions fall away as I was getting wrapped up in everything going on.  To be able to let all of that go and just watch the movie is saying a lot.  I am very happy with it and I will watch it many more times I am sure.  Everyone will have a good time with Tomorrowland, but I want so much more.  At 2 hours and 10 minutes it already has a lot in it, but not enough for me.  I am sure it is not something most people will notice or care about.

4 Stars

  • Thomas Watson

    Tomorrowland is that rarest of things: an exciting, action-packed spectacle with an unusually intelligent plot and a meaningful message on the power – and perils – of media…and the importance of hope.

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