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No one divorces The Rock!

I love disaster movies.  Well, I enjoy disaster movies.  The cheese, the score, the fuzzy science.  They are  just great fun, and if you don’t take them seriously they are popcorn perfection.   Some are better than others.  My favorite up until I saw San Andreas was The Day After Tomorrow, which has a scene where the cold is chasing people.  They have to outrun the cold, or they will die.  So as you can tell the bar I have for disaster movies is pretty high up there, and I never thought that bar could be crossed, but I forgot about The Rock.

San Andreas has now taken the top spot as my favorite disaster movie.  However it isn’t because of fuzzy science, and all the other things that make disaster movies great.  Which San Andreas is full of.  It is because it took the formula for a disaster movie, added The Rock, and turned it up to 11.  This movie was non-stop.  Earthquakes, explosions, helicopters, rescues, tsunamis, building collapses, The Rock, divorce, millions dead.  This movie did not try to sugar coat the level of destruction.  It was fast paced, and put together very well for a disaster movie.  It all worked so very well.  There was all the things you would expect, but it seemed like it took it to a little bit higher level of seriousness than the other movies.  That they felt like they were making something good, instead of just making a cash grab.  It really worked well, and was a very fun time.  It was one of the better times I have had at the movies this year.

This is no award winning movie.  It has all the things that most people groan about in disaster movies.  So if you can’t at least be ok with the disaster movie formula you will probably not like San Andreas.  If you are ok with the disaster format, you should go pay for San Andreas this weekend at full price.  Go see it in the theater because this level of destruction is worth the big bucks.

4 Stars for San Andreas

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