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I have never watched this show.  It just seemed like a bunch of douchebags being rich dicks, and their useless friends who are even more pathetic.  So I have no context of this movie in relation to the show.  Obviously it seemed like going into the movie I already had a bias.

After watching the movie, would I go back and watch the show?  No I would not.  However the movie isn’t bad.  It does seem like I was right in my assumptions, douchebags being rich dicks.  They are not as bad as I thought though.

Entourage feels like I long episode.  A good long episode, with lots of cameos, a solid script and some funny moments.  It really came out as less angry and more about some solid friends, who for the most part are tight and do not hurt each other.  Which is something I was not expecting.  I think if they had even focused more of the behind the scenes of making a movie and less about the women and relationships with women, it would have been an even better movie.  However they needed to get the boobs and the random girls in the movie and it seemed to take away from a lot of the main focus and helped it get lost along the way.  This complaint is minor however and for the most part I did have fun watching Entourage.

I think there are a lot of people divided on this movie.  I understand their bias, but I think even with that bias they might have a good time with this movie.  It isn’t necessary to run to the theater to pay full price.  I think most people will have fun with Entourage.

3 Stars for Entourage

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