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I was not sure how serious Ant-Man is, in regards to comics, Marvel and the whole thing they are doing with movies and this long plan to make everything interconnected.  Ant-Man seems like a joke right off the bat.  The name, the casting, it all seems like it’s a joke.  Getting writers Edgar Wright and Adam McKay make it even more feel like a joke.  However the trailer looked serious, and there has hardly any hint of it being a comedy.  I just did not know what to think about this one going into it.  This Marvel movie more than any other I did not know what I was going to get.

So it turns out that Ant-Man is a legit super hero.  The movie is an action movie, with comedy elements, and that this whole thing is not a joke, or a step outside of the Marvel Universe.  They even directly reference other things going on in the movie universe in Ant-Man.

So, we have a whole new group of characters, side kicks, mentors, bad guys, technology, and a new hero to further add to the growing number of Marvel character that will all eventually fight in the Marvel Royal Rumble coming in 20xx.  Ant-Man did start off slow.  They had a lot to get to, the story is a little bit more complex than most of these stories.  Being a mutant or getting bit by a spider makes sense.  Shrinking gaps between atoms needs a little bit more explanation.  So once you get past the beginning the many new characters, and what exactly is going on you get to the good parts.

Ant-Man does get to the good parts, with a solid blend of action and comedy with a very awesome climax.  It delivers enough of what you want in a Marvel movie to make it well worth your watch.  It does have issues where the bad guy gets bad super fast, and has powers that seem to come from nowhere.  Which happens pretty often in Marvel movies, so it is par for the course.  There are a few things that I think are a little odd but nothing so bad that you will reject Ant-Man like you would Fantastic 4.


By the end of the movie I was having a great time with this lesser known superhero.  I think it worked out very well and after a slow start delivered a very fun movie.  I think it is worth the price of admission to the theater this weekend.  It will be interesting to see how well it does next to Trainwreck.

4 Stars for Ant-Man

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