Pixels Movie Review

The reason I wanted to start writing movie reviews, was to stop paying for movies.  I went to so many movies, the expense was just getting so high, so I decided to figure out a way for me to save money on something I love to do.  I still love going to the movies most of the time, and I still love movies.  This is not my job, this is a side project that I do, and I do not see every movie.  So I think that is why I disagree with most critics on Pixels.

Pixels is a fun movie, it has jokes, video games, amazing CG, Peter Dinklage, and nostalgia.  It is a Happy Madison production, and it does follow Happy Madison’s formula that they seem to pull out for every movie, hot women, underdogs, random jokes, and not a lot of depth.  I think this is where the difference is between something who loves movies, and who’s job it is to watch movies.  Pixels if rated against Inside Out, or Ex-Machina is no where close to as good, but I don’t care, and you should not either.  Pixels is just a fun movie, it has a Giant Pac-Man, and an amazing Centipede, Q-Bert and so many other little awesome things in it.  It looks amazing, and for the most part is quite funny.  What else do you need?  This movie is a fun summer movie, and as always that is how I rate my movies.  How much did I have fun watching it or how much did I enjoy it, and I enjoyed Pixels quite a bit.

If you know you are getting into a Happy Madison production, and you accept that you will have just as much of a good time with Pixels as I did.  Ignore all the critics including me, and go see it if it looks good to you.  On the 3-D front, this was a conversion movie, so not natively shot in 3-D.  Which is a shame because if it was, I bet I would say go see it in 3-D.  It was still quite amazing looking in 3-D for a conversion movie, so you might even want to put up the extra cash for it.

4 Stars for Pixels

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