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So Learning To Drive that is a movie that might be coming out in a theater near you this weekend, or perhaps next weekend.  It is most likely you have never heard of this movie, and do not know what it is about, or who it is for.  It is about a older divorcee, played by Patricia Clarkson learning to drive a car and creating a friendship with a Sikh Indian man played by Ben Kingsley.  As for who it is for, I am not sure.

What I do not know is this movie is not for 37 year old men in relationships that are not falling apart.  While I can see that this movie is a kind, sweet story about a woman lost in the world in the second half of her life, it did not speak to me at all.  I did not feel connected to any of the characters.  The story didn’t seem like something especially innovative, and it didn’t push the limits of that story into risky ground.  It is a story of a woman in New York going through a divorce and learning to drive.  That is it.  While I can appreciate the acting, and the struggle this character is going through if you are not a divorced 40ish something woman I can not see you really connecting to this movie either.

Learning To Drive really left me puzzled about who is going to see this movie and who is going to connect with this movie.  I can’t see many of my readers here wanting to go see Learning To Drive.  So I think unless you are the very targeted niche this movie is for you can skip this one.  There is just not going to be enough here for you.

3 Stars

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