Bridge Of Spies

Bridge Of Spies Movie Review

Did you know there was a movie directed by Steven Spielberg coming out this weekend, and that it has Tom Hanks in it?  You didn’t?  Neither do most people.  The smaller, less huge movie by Spielberg deals with a very small story, in a very big cold war.  The story is about a insurance lawyer played by Tom Hanks, who is asked by the US Government to defend the first discovered Russian Spy during the Cold War.  They want it to look like the US is on the up and up when it comes to our due process, even to commies.

The story ends up unfolding into this twisty weird spy story that feels like no one knew what they were doing then.  We just happen to pick the right guy at the right time that would fight for what is right.   This movie is big on patriotism and the fight for what is right against an overwhelming drive to cut corners and not follow our rules of law.   It states that always is the time to do what is right, the time to give everyone the rights we take for granted and the things that make us a great country.   The movie is powerful, wonderfully crafted and delivers a very clear message to the world of today.

It is pretty easy to know that this is a solid contention for awards, with Tom Hanks and Spielberg teaming up again with the Coen Brothers writing, but that is not what makes this movie great.  What is wonderful about it, is the very small hidden story that was found and is told now, to the world of today, and how much it applies to this world now.  The history that is taught here, makes you reflect on what is happening in the world and makes you look at what is right, and what you believe in, compared to what the US is supposed to be about.  The Coen brothers delivered an amazing script, that was directed beautifully and acted by top notch actors who believed in everything they were saying.  It is a powerful piece of film, and a favorite of mine for the year.

5 Stars for Bridge Of Spies

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