The Night Before

The Night Before Movie Review

I am ashamed.  I prejudged, based on a trailer.  I try not to watch trailers in general, they are horrible misleading things, that can skew the experience of a movie quite a bit.  It can make you think a movie will be the best thing you have ever seen, only to be woefully disappointed.  Or as with The Night Before, it can make you think you are about to see a horrible pile of crap, but are given a wonderful movie watching experience.

The Night Before has everything you want in a Christmas rated R movie.  A solid funny movie, with something redeeming and wonderful in the end.  This is not a dark R rated comedy with nothing of value.  It is smart, cute, funny, adult and charming.  It has a great ending and is way better than that horrible trailer is making it look.  Seth Rogan is in top form in this movie and is so funny, it is one of my favorite characters he has ever played.  This movie deals with friendship, family, growth, and all those things that we want to think about around Christmas.  It does not pander, or force those messages either.  They feel natural, and part of the story.

I know that The Hunger Games comes out this weekend, so getting you to go see The Night Before is going to be hard, but I am going to try anyway.   This is the movie we need for Thanksgiving.  The Hunger Games is ok, but this is the better movie.  Everything about it feels far better than The Hunger Games and if I had to pick which one I was going to see this weekend (If I did not have kids with me) I would pick The Night Before.

4 Stars for The Night Before

The First Night Trivia:  The man who plays Mr. Green is also General Zod, and does not have a twitter account.

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