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In The Heart Of The Sea is another story from reality told by the watchful eye of Ron Howard.  In The Heart Of The Sea is a movie without meaning or agenda.  It is a telling of what happened, based on actual accounts that were recovered from the people who lived to tell the tale.  It doesn’t want to deliver a story about the fall of man, or the destruction of Earth and it’s creatures.  It tells the story of 20 men on a ship that ran into a whale.  What you take from that story is yours to take, and that is what is wonderful about In The Heart Of The Sea.

It is not the only thing making this beautiful film worth watching.   Amazing CG and wonderful acting round out this tale and make it worth watching in the theater.  It is a story about men on a boat hunting whales for whale oil.  It shows the hunting process and it does not cut away or leave anything to the imagination, so be prepared.  This movie feels real, it feels scary and it feels like a true story worth telling regardless of the outcome.  No agenda needed, it is just a good story.  The picture it paints of these lives and the lives of this time period of 1820 with a great clarity.  It felt real, and looked amazing.

There is a lot of movies to pick from right now and coming up, so a whaling epic might not be on your top choices.  This movie is visually amazing and delivers a great story.  I think it is well worth paying for in the theater.  You can as usual skip the 3-D.  It is not worth the extra money.  If you are looking for a movie this weekend before all the movies coming out for Christmas I would check out In The Heat Of The Sea.

4 Stars In The Heart of The Sea

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