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See the cast, see the all black wearing trenchcoats and hats cast, they are the attempt at making another Ocean’s Eleven.  See the maze of cards, it’s all twisty and misdirected.  It is what this movie is attempting to be, twisty, but it just ends up being misdirected.  The first movie was entertaining enough, and was obviously popular enough to warrant a second movie.  So now we get to see what happens to The Horsemen.

In this one, there is far less cool magic, and heisty stuff, all while being more confusing and adding in computer chips.  As we go along with the story, we are left wondering where is the magic, and the electricity that we had from the first movie.  Instead of magic, we have a card throwing scene, that, while cool, isn’t about magic tricks and more like a fun dance.  This is one of the scenes that are supposed to stick out as a highlight.  The execution of the big heist scene, and it just didn’t deliver what I was hoping for.  This happens throughout the movie.  It is more like the second best magicians in the world, because they did not do nearly as many cool tricks as they did in the first movie.

The bigger more convoluted plot led to a bigger cast.  Adding Lizzy Caplan and Daniel Radcliffe.  Lizzy Caplan was very enjoyable and quite underused.  Her light fun character helped breath life into this very confusing movie, but was not used nearly enough and her big magic trick was cut for plot.  The whole movie felt like it was cut for plot, when there was already too much plot and not enough spectacle.  It is hard for me to say that a movie needed more spectacle and less plot, but Now You See Me 2 needed just a little more magic.


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