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I used Kate McKinnon’s poster for Ghostbusters because I think she is hilarious and I think she was a big issue with Ghostbusters.  She is representative of exactly what I thought about the new Ghostbusters.  They had an idea and they executed it incorrectly.  With Kate McKinnon, I am not sure if this was the character she created or was directed to act that way, but she was underused and very odd.  Not in a funny way, in a weird way, a way that stuck out and left me confused.  There were a lot of choices in this movie that left me confused.

I am just not sure what this movie is.  If it is a comedy, it was not very funny, and very slow.  It had so many slow parts, that could have been more silly or more something.  There were some scenes that just drag on.  If it was a thriller or action movie it wasn’t those either.  The threat was not really a threat, and it didn’t feel scary, or exciting.  Not that I was expecting scary, I was just expecting something.  It was almost like a science documentary of made up science terminology where people tried to make up the silliest things that sounded real.

It was an explosion of special effects, in a movie that did not need special effects.  We know what the ghostbusters beam looks like, and we know what ghosts look like, you do not need to spend all the time making pretty ghosts.  Make a funny, interesting story, that is what people want.   It really just got lost and did not work for me.  I didn’t hate it, and I don’t think the haters have even seen it, but I am just disappointed because it could have been so much more.


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