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I was a big fan of the original Blair Witch Project.  I lived in a wooded area when it came out and the first night when I drove home from the theater I kept thinking I was seeing those little Blair Witch idols everywhere.  I tried to find out as much info as I could about the movie, the story, and the film style which was all new.  It was such a complete and well-done project, as the name suggested, it wasn’t just a movie, and it changed the way movies were made in the future.  I do not even remember the second Blair Witch movie and I think the intention of this third movie was to pretty much forget it all together as well.

So as I am sure you have already heard the new Blair Witch is good, or great, or amazing, or awful, horrible and a waste of time.  Well as a fan of horror and a total fan boy of The Blair Witch story and idea, I can say that I did like Blair Witch.  This is The Blair Witch Project part 2 though, and by that I mean it is almost the same movie.  The idea is the same, the way the movie unfolds is the same, everything is very similar to the original. There is a bit more story and a lot better film quality.  The acting is weak but nothing that makes you think that these people shouldn’t be acting.  There are a bit too many forced jump scares that I think could have been left out.  There were all of these negatives and it was exactly perfect.

The Blair Witch Project was an abomination of filmmaking, and no one cared.  Well, the critics did, as they do here, but it doesn’t matter.  As critics opinions do not.  This movie is god damn fun, god damn scary and totally worth watching in the theater if you are a horror fan.  As a total fan, this movie had enough for me to have a great time watching it in the theater.  Go with someone that loved the first movie and you will have a great time.

4 Stars For Blair Witch

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