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Everything about the set up of this movie is wrong.  The trailers are confusing.  The name is one of the worst names for a movie I have ever heard of.  The Accountant, he will balance your sheets, and then shoot you in the face!   It has left everyone very confused about what this movie is about.  Luckily I get to see movies early and tell you all about them, and I am here to tell you that The Accountant is an ok movie.

So first of this movie is pretty long.  Almost 2 and a half hours and with that they tell a far deeper story about The Accountant than what we are led to believe by the posters and the trailers.  It deals with a lot and while the end is predictable, and a little unsatisfying I thought the trip to get to the end was at least worth watching.  Anna Kendrick was cute and a fun break from the heavy subject matter of the lone accountant fighting the good fight.  Affleck was interesting and generally fine.  It did feel like his presence in the movie made for it to feel a bit like The Town or Argo.  Perhaps some collaboration between directors happened here.  This is by no means a masterpiece, but it is not the huge pile of garbage the name would suggest.  It does feel long and it is a little bit of a silly premise, but I had no problems ignoring that for the entertainment.

I think The Accountant is actually worth watching, but you do not necessarily have to go to the theater to see it.  I think you could get away with renting this one for sure, pick up Argo too if you haven’t seen it and make it an Affleck night, but never Dawn Of Justice.

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