Welcome to The Reviewer dot net  A Movie Review website.  You know one of the millions that are out there.  What I intend to do at The Reviewer is write movie reviews, that do not tell you anything about the movie, and are coming from someone who is like everyone else.  I am just a guy and the reviews we write here are just for people like you.

We are not going to write about the symbolism of the black tree in the backyard of his boyhood house, that the director was trying to portray.  I don’t even know what that even means.  What you are gonna get at The Reviewer, is the movie good, and what I mean by that is, did I have fun watching the movie in the theater or feel strongly about the movie, or was scared or whatever I think the movie was trying to do.   That is it.  I could give a crap about anything else, I just want to have a good time with my movies.   My goal, to get people that agree with me to the right movies.  I watch anything, and I know not everyone can or does.  So all I want to do is help you out.  Get you to the right movies, and for you all to say thanks, or call me a dumbass.  Either way.

What you will see in the reviews…

Poster:  This is the best poster image I could find for the movie, sometimes I can’t find one at all so there will just be a name with a link.  If you click on the link it will take you to the Internet Movie Database for the movie, if you want more info than what I give.

Rated:  Obviously what the movie was rated, the version I watched.

Running Time:  This is how long the movie ran that I watched, written in Minutes.

Year: What year the movie was made.

Nudity:  What type if any nudity was there in the movie.

One Sentence:  This is my little tiny wrap up, sometimes will tell you how I feel in one sentence or maybe just a joke or something about the movie.

The Stars:  At the end of the review you will see a star image.  This is of course how many stars I gave the movie, but what does that mean.

1 star

1 star.  Mean holy crap this is a HUGE pile of crap. You should never rent this.  I rarely give out 1 stars because I really like most movies,  I think the last 1 star I gave was “In The Cut.”

2 stars

2 stars. This means it was mostly pretty bad, but not bad enough to give it a 1.  Sometimes you will see a reccomendation to rent a movie I give 2 stars.  That is because I think others will like it even though I did not.

3 stars

3 stars.  This is where a lot of reviews will be placed.  It is my, its was just fine.  Nothing wowed me or pissed me off so you get 3 stars.

4 stars

4 stars.  Fun time to be had by all.  I really had fun with this movie.  Most likely this will come with a add to queue recommendation.  I give a lot of these too.

5 stars

5 stars.  Best of the best.  I have given 2 5 stars for 2006.  V for Vendetta and Cars.  That is all.  So it really how to floor me to get 5 stars.  These come with a go see in theater recommendation.


I think that is about it.  There is also an about me page that you can find out about me, but I am not that interesting.

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