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10 Cloverfield Lane

So up until a month ago almost no one knew that this movie even existed.  Going along with the original Cloverfield theme of viral marketing, secrecy, and misdirection, 10 Cloverfield Lane comes out tomorrow.  No one knowing what it is about, or will we be seeing more for the world famous monster from the sea. […]


Having seen very little about Risen before going to see the movie I am not sure of what this movie was supposed to be.  The trailer I watched implied a missing Jesus body, and the hunt by those who do not believe to find him.   I had gathered from this, that this was going […]

13 Hours The Secret Soldiers Of Bengazi

These movies that are based on true stories.  I always wonder how much is real.  How accurate do you think they are?  I don’t mean in the small details, those can be swayed whichever way the director decides.  The big details though, the timeline, the intensity.  How close to reality were those things?  Because in […]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

I don’t think they should of made Mockingjay 2 movies.  I thought it after I saw the first and I thought it again after I concluded the series.  The choice is to milk it for more money, show a little bit more, and they were successful on both those fronts.   We know Mockingjay is […]

American Ultra

So surprise, the new movie about two stoners who get activated by the C.I.A. is not a comedy.  I just wanted to get that out in the open first.  This is not a funny movie, like they make it seem like in the trailers.  This is a hardcore action movie, with almost no message and […]

The Man From U.N.C.L.E

Is it allowed for you to have two franchises?  I guess Harrison Ford did it, and now Henri Cavill gets the title as well.  Superman and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which is going to be a franchise, if this movie does even slightly well.  With Alicia Vikander in it, looking awesome in 60’s dresses how […]


The reason I wanted to start writing movie reviews, was to stop paying for movies.  I went to so many movies, the expense was just getting so high, so I decided to figure out a way for me to save money on something I love to do.  I still love going to the movies most […]

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