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I was not sure how serious Ant-Man is, in regards to comics, Marvel and the whole thing they are doing with movies and this long plan to make everything interconnected.  Ant-Man seems like a joke right off the bat.  The name, the casting, it all seems like it’s a joke.  Getting writers Edgar Wright and […]


The reason this review is late is because I forgot I saw Self/Less.  I saw a preview for it last night on TV really late and I said, oh crap.  I forgot to write this review.  I saw it on Monday.  Now I see a lot of movies as a critic, and so they do […]

Terminator Geneisys

So there is a new Terminator trilogy out starting today.  Did you know they needed to make 3 more movies about John Connor or Sarah Connor getting hunted by robots.  Why not just pick every day of the their lives to send back Terminators.  This one at a time thing doesn’t seem to be working […]

San Andreas

No one divorces The Rock! I love disaster movies.  Well, I enjoy disaster movies.  The cheese, the score, the fuzzy science.  They are  just great fun, and if you don’t take them seriously they are popcorn perfection.   Some are better than others.  My favorite up until I saw San Andreas was The Day After […]


Before you read this review you should know that my most favorite place in the entire world that I have experienced, is Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  So A movie inspired by my most favorite place in the world is going to be a little biased.  I just thought I should give you […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

There is a part of me that wants to know what was going on in this movie outside of the cars, trucks, fire and guitars.  Like is this a sequel to the other movies?  Who is this bad guy?  Are all these tribes enemies?  Are they refining gasoline somewhere?  What is with the blood bank? […]

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

  Lets start by saying this movie is good enough to pay for, everyone that sees it should like it, and there is no need to pay for 3-D or watch it in 3-D.  This is your simple movie review, that this movie didn’t break anything, and you will have a fun time with it. […]

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