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Sausage Party Review

So remember this is a rated R movie.  It is not for your kids. I was a bit surprised by Sausage Party.  I was a bit worried about it, it looked like a cash grab and that the animation was going to be very poor.  I am glad to report that I was wrong on […]


I used Kate McKinnon’s poster for Ghostbusters because I think she is hilarious and I think she was a big issue with Ghostbusters.  She is representative of exactly what I thought about the new Ghostbusters.  They had an idea and they executed it incorrectly.  With Kate McKinnon, I am not sure if this was the […]

Keanu Movie Review

First I must disclose something before I write this review.  I received a package from the marketing group for Keanu.  I received a plush Keanu kitty and a calendar with all the photos of Keanu in the various movie poses that are part of the story.   Here is an example of one of the […]

The Night Before

I am ashamed.  I prejudged, based on a trailer.  I try not to watch trailers in general, they are horrible misleading things, that can skew the experience of a movie quite a bit.  It can make you think a movie will be the best thing you have ever seen, only to be woefully disappointed.  Or […]


I feel like I grew up on the original National Lampoon’s Vacation, and to some extent European Vacation as well.  Not just watching the movies, but they seemed like they were about my life.  We did road trips to amusement parks all the time, and I just felt like I had a connection to these […]


The reason I wanted to start writing movie reviews, was to stop paying for movies.  I went to so many movies, the expense was just getting so high, so I decided to figure out a way for me to save money on something I love to do.  I still love going to the movies most […]


I have never watched this show.  It just seemed like a bunch of douchebags being rich dicks, and their useless friends who are even more pathetic.  So I have no context of this movie in relation to the show.  Obviously it seemed like going into the movie I already had a bias. After watching the […]

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