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The Space Between Us Movie Review

The date on this poster says August 19th.  I am writing this review on November 10th, the current release date for this movie is Dec 16th.  I am wondering if it will ever come out.  Which is a damn shame because I think everyone should watch this horrible movie. There are movies that are great […]

Arrival Movie review

Sometimes a movie comes out and the timing on it is so perfect, you feel like they planned it.  Arrival is one of those movies.  The subject matter and what just occurred in the American election are so perfectly intertwined it feels like the Aliens in the movie must of had something to do with the […]

The Neon Demon

I was with The Neon Demon.  I was loving the color, the music, the crafted coolness of the story.  It was dark, sinister, and innocent all at the same time.  It was working, and it wasn’t going to lose me.  Then The Neon Demon appeared in the movie and it all just fell apart.  It […]

In The Heart Of The Sea

In The Heart Of The Sea is another story from reality told by the watchful eye of Ron Howard.  In The Heart Of The Sea is a movie without meaning or agenda.  It is a telling of what happened, based on actual accounts that were recovered from the people who lived to tell the tale. […]

Bridge Of Spies

Did you know there was a movie directed by Steven Spielberg coming out this weekend, and that it has Tom Hanks in it?  You didn’t?  Neither do most people.  The smaller, less huge movie by Spielberg deals with a very small story, in a very big cold war.  The story is about a insurance lawyer […]

Black Mass

There is a lot going on in Black Mass.   It is a story that spans a long period of time.  It is a story about Whitey Bulger who was a South Boston gang leader that ended up on the F.B.I’s most wanted list for 20 years until he was caught in 2011.  Whitey Bulger […]

Learning To Drive

So Learning To Drive that is a movie that might be coming out in a theater near you this weekend, or perhaps next weekend.  It is most likely you have never heard of this movie, and do not know what it is about, or who it is for.  It is about a older divorcee, played […]

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