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New Goose Attack!

For all the new readers out there that think this is a movie review blog, it is time to set the record straight.  This is a Goose Attack blog that most of the time talks about movies, because goose attacks are so rare.  Well reported goose attacks are so rare, because they rarely leave anything […]

$75,000 dollar lawsuit for Goose Attack

We here at The Reviewer, always keep up with the latest in movie reviews, but we also keep up on all the latest Goose Attack news.  A man is suing his employer for $75,000 dollars when he got attacked by a goose on the job.  He claims his employer knew about the goose, and did […]

Goose Attack In The Making

A golf course in Buffalo has taken to scaring away a gaggle of geese that are damaging their golf course.  Keep an eye out for follow up report, of many killed by geese at Buffalo Golf Course.   Golf Geese

Goose Attack Lawsuit Thrown Out

We do two things here at The Reviewer.  Write movie reviews, and keep you up to date on all the latest Goose Attack news.  A woman sued a retail shopping center, when a goose nesting at one of the stores, chased her and she fell and broke her hip.  That lawsuit was thrown out.  You […]

Mr. Goose attacks dogs and woman!

Not actual picture of Mr. Goose    For any new readers, most of the time I write about movie reviews, but I also report on any Goose Attack I can find.  To warn the people that the Goose is who really runs this planet.  Today tragically I must report another Goose Attack! From United Press […]

Man Mugged By Geese

As I have said before, this is not really a movie review site, it's a site that I maintain that has a lot of movie reviews in it, between reports of goose attacks.  Today I bring you some new goose attack news.      Man mugged by gang of geese!   A 23 year old […]

Goose tells woman MURDER!

Most of you probably know this as a movie review site.  It is new, so that is understandable.  Most of the time it IS a movie review site.  However what this site really is, below the surface, is a central posting ground for all things that have to do with Goose Attacks.  It has been […]

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