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Blu-Ray for Halloween

  Sound and Vision has served up the 25 best Halloween Blu-Ray choices for you all to watch for the final 2 weeks to Halloween.  This list overall seems pretty good except they have listed Splice in there, which is my contender of worst movie of the decade so ignore that.  Click the link for […]

Saw 4 reivew

It took till Halloween to get your review for Saw 4 out?  What took you so long?  And where is it?  It's not here?     Well my review is over at Atomic Popcorn, they asked me to do a guest blog post, so all my loyal fans are gonna have to pop over to […]

The Dead Quiz

Wow there has been a void of reviews coming out of here.  I am sorry I just have not been able to get to the movies so much lately.  However I did find this quiz today. The Dead Quiz.  Questions about deaths in Horror movies, how many can you get right?  I missed two.  Tell […]

Ebert, Siskel and Roeper Reviews Now Online.

Now I know that I say I do not like critics, and I don't.  I find that most of what these guys say is overdone, excessive, and put up on a higher level than what it really is.  Movie dorks watching movies and telling other people what they thought about them.  However it is a […]

Red and Black Means Nudity!!!

Well maybe not always.  But over at Under Consideration they took all the top grossing movies of all time and took the colors of their posters based on ratings, and saw a general pattern.   Kids stuff, more blues and greens, and NC-17, well Black and Red.  It is pretty cool to check out, even […]

Jellyfish, shopping, but they sell movies.

  Now I usually would not post about shopping sites.  However, Jellyfish, is something I really like.  I am on there almost everyday checking out deals and seeing what is going on.  They are a normal site, that gives cash back when you buy stuff from all kinds of merchants like Circuit City and Deep […]

Create Your Own Simpsons Avatar

Time to get the buzz on for The Simpson's Movie.  You can make your own Simpson's Avatar of yourself over at Or you can just click the pic and it will take you there.  I could not figure out how to save the image, so I took a screen shot and uploaded it myself.  […]

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