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Top 70 Vampire Movies Of All Time

It's Halloween time, in case you didn't notice with all the damn Christmas stuff up, and with Halloween means it's time for pointless lists about movies.  This one is the top 70 Vampire movies of all time.  I didn't even know there were 70 vampire movies.  So rent every single one on this list, to […]

Top 5 Group Writing Project Day 2

Day 2!  There were almost twice as many Top 5 articles submitted on Day 2, than Day 1.  So there way a whole lot more to go through.  As before if you want to check out the ones that are outside the realm of The Reviewer, then check out the day 2 list here.   […]

Top Five part 3 movies of all time.

This month, there are 3 of the biggest part 3's to come out, since well ever.  Most likely they will smash box office records when each one comes out.  Spider-Man 3 already did so, with 148 million for the weekend.  Shrek 3 is on it's way the 18th, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 docks […]

Daylight Savings Time Movie List

I don't know if you are aware or not, but Daylight Savings Time is 3 weeks early this year (this Sunday).  From now on it will be in March.  What this had meant for me, is dealing with a mini Y2K where I am having to test changes to server times for patches to products […]

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