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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Movie Review

  One Sentence: Visually beautiful and good family fun. Rated: PG Nudity: None After Credits: During So when this movie was coming out I thought to myself.  I remember liking Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, but I hardly remember it.  I don’t think that it especially mattered, but I at least wanted a recap […]

Prisoners Movie Review

  One Sentence: The best crime thriller since Silence Of The Lambs. Rated: R Nudity: None After Credits: None I started writing reviews because I love movies.  I watch so many and have a point of view that I think some other people might be interested in.  If I was going to look at what […]

John Carter Movie Review

One Sentence: It was like Phantom Menace and Stargate had an ugly baby and named it John Carter. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 09-Mar-2012 Nudity: None I was hopeful.  It was a Disney 3-D movie that looked like they threw a lot of money at.  I am sure it is at least pretty good.  Fun, creating […]

Project X Movie Review

One Sentence: Not the fun type of part movie. Rated: R Release Date: 02-Mar-2012 Nudity: Lots of boobs. When I left the theater after watching Project X, I let out a sign of relief.  The stress was finally over.  I could let it go.  This party wasn’t a good time.  Maybe it is my nerdy, […]

The Lorax Movie Review

One Sentence: A visual treat. Rated: PG Release Date: 02-Mar-2012 Nudity: None Whoever was the person who gave this movie it’s look.  The color choices, the eyes on the characters, the faces, the city.  Taking Dr Seuss’ book and converting it into the 3-D movie I saw this weekend is a genius.  They understand what […]

Wanderlust Movie Review

One Sentence: You have been lied to a lot about this movie. Rated: R Release Date: 24-Feb-2012 Nudity: Some, lots of penis.  Jennifer Aniston is not naked even though she has been claiming it in interviews. I am pretty upset about this movie overall.  I am upset about the marketing.  I am upset about Jennifer […]

The Vow Movie Review

One Sentence: Not as hard to watch as The Notebook. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 10-Feb-2012 Nudity: Man Butt This weekend is the weekend all men fear.  They fear Valentine’s Day, are they doing it right, did they do the right thing, they have to go see The Vow.  I understand the fear.  A movie about […]

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