Rated: PG Running Time: 90 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero From the makers of Ice Age, comes, Robots! From another world, or a post-human Terminator/Matrix world, the Robots rule. They are everywhere, they get married, and go to work, they have wheels, and hands, and eat goo. They have class societies, and TV, small towns, and big citys. Robots! This movie was not really a kids movie, I guess it could be fine for kids, but it was not geared (Ha Robots, gears) toward kids at all. They would have a fun time I am sure, but in the theater I was in, it was full of adults and they were all laughing. They were laughing becuase it was a funny movie, it was consistantly funny, and cute all at once. The animation was awesome, and very clever. The use of the robots and that they were all part of everything in the world really made it a very cool movie, just watching the back ground of any scene was worth the watch. I really had a fun time with the way it looked and the general humor of the movie. The plot was pretty thin, not a bad story, but an overdone story, you have heard it all before tons of times. It was very formated, and predictable, but the robots, and the animation made you stick with it, and not be disappointed by that, becuase it was worth seeing anyway. It was really good, even with the overdone story, and I think it is defantly a renter for most. Maybe even go see it in the theater. I liked it.


  • i remmeber watching this on a flight to florida and i was really enjoying the movie, then all of the sudden the captain says we are ready to land and all the screens go up and i didnt see the end of the movie.

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