Racing Stripes

Rated: PG Running Time: 84 Minutes Year: 2005 Format: DVD This movie is just like seabiscut, except with a zebra, and a girl, and some flies that like poop, but if you forget all that, JUST LIKE SEABISCUT! I don't want to give away the end however, so let's not assume it ends like seabiscut, becuase it might not. I don't remember really! I am just making up stuff for this first paragraph to make the review look longer than it should be. It is hard to write reviews you know. Especially ones where you don't tell the whole story of the movie in the review. Read all those other reviews, most of the review isn't a review, it's the damn story of the movie with an opinion sprinkled in here and there. Fuckers! Anyway, this is a kids movie I think. I mean it's not like a toddler movie. It is rated PG. But it's like like a teen movie either, it's too kidsy for that, its like a tween movie. Is that the word, I think I hate that word, but I saw it when refering to Sharkboy and Lavagirl (review to come when it comes out on DVD) so I will use it now. Tween! Anyway, it is a little engine that could story, that might or might not have a happy ending. It is really elementary in story and didn't terribly hold my intrest. I did like the zebra, and the race scenes with him, but it wasn't enough to keep me saying that this was a good movie. The humor was so-so to not so great. The flies were annoying, but the pelican names goose was funny. I liked him a lot. I think there needs to be more gooses in movied, even if they are pelicans. There was this shetland pony, that freaked me out. I didn't like him at all. It just wasn't quality anywhere. The voices were all high profile actors, Whoopi, Hoffman, Frankie Munez and Mandy Moore, but they were all annoying and not fitting of thier characters, and Frankie, I don't like, so that didn't help the situation. I think this movie was really skippable, unless you got some tweens. AHHH, tweens! It just didn't have anything you have not seen before, and wasn't funny enough to reccomend. 2 out of 5 stars (star images to come next week)

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