Friday The 13th Part 5 (A New Beginning)

Rated: R Running Time: 92 Minutes Year: 1985 Half way through the Friday The 13th Series. And boy is it getting harder and harder to make it through. In Nightmare part 2 was terrible, but part 3 really brought it back. Cool killings, better story, and all around a better movie. Here it was just terrible almost in every way. I was really disappointed. First of all the killings were cut away's. There were very few creative ones, and they never really showed much and the one's they did show were low budget, low gore. I mean really you are at part 5 you have to keep our attention some how. Then they didn't show the killer, Jason, at all, only his hands, and it just was really silly the whole killing thing and Jason. Just poorly done. I was not impressed with this at all. The story sucked, and was one of those lets go off on a tangent that blows but we think it is good and make this franchise last longer…When it only fails. The only good thing about this movie were the boobies! Lots of boobies, Big boobies, small boobies, boobies in wet shirts running through the rain. Cold boobies! But this was not enought to save the movie from itself. If you are a writer on a franchise piece and you wanna "change it up" don't. It really doesn't work, just think of cooler kills and more boobs. That's all we want. So um…I guess skip it? If you are dedicated to it, and are gonna watch them all you have to watch it, you are not allowed to skip, but if you are just looking for some of them to watch, this is not one I would recommend.

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