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Rated: R Running Time: 94 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Not even [tag]Ryan Reynolds[/tag] can save us from the suck. Wrapping up my all suck movie weekend we watched Waiting sometime this last week. I had faith in [tag]Anna Farris[/tag], who I loved in Scary Movie, I also think she is cute. Also […]

Date Movie

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 83 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Poor Willow, someone give her a job! I am back from vacation, I bet you didn't even know I was gone. Well that is because I didn't tell you. I am not going to run everything by you ok. While on my vacation […]

The Pink Panther

Rated: PG Running Time: 93 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Dabunger! Zie hove neet sween uny dua dea uther pinka ponther dovies. Dua zie cun nut zae ifa twis doovie twas butta den dua Pater Sella pinka ponther feelms. Des dovie eet wus do key. Aie doud leef en purts eff et, aie […]

Corpse Bride

Rated: PG Running Time: 76 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: I like [tag]Johnny Depp[/tag] better as a pirate. In what was another low mark on the once great Tim Burton's resume, we have Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, which implements the same style of stop motion animation that was used in the wildly sucessful, […]

Fantastic 4

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 106 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: The least believeable of all the recent Marvel releases. Jessica Alba is a scientist/astronaut. I guess I mean it is terrible for me to say that, that she in no way could be an astronaut or scientist, but I mean COME ON. But […]

Reefer Madness The Movie Musical

Rated: R Running Time: 109 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero technically One Sentence: Just say No! to drugs! Ahh the drug war, many say that drug users are non-violent. Some say that it is thier bodies thier choice, and others claim that they are not really harmful. But as we can see in this documentary/musical/educational […]

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