Corpse Bride

Rated: PG Running Time: 76 Minutes Year: 2005 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: I like [tag]Johnny Depp[/tag] better as a pirate. In what was another low mark on the once great Tim Burton's resume, we have Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, which implements the same style of stop motion animation that was used in the wildly sucessful, Nightmare Before Christmas. I am sure you saw the commericals, saw that it looked like Nightmare Before Christmas, but didn't go see it. Pulling in just over 50 Million on a 40 Million dollar budget, not that many people saw it. With [tag]Tim Burton[/tag], and the same animation it should have been a lot better showing. What it goes to show is that even with all those great marketing gimmicks, and star names, a crappy story, and boring characters, will a lot of the time not get people in the seats if there is nothing else that will get you there. And even the kids saw right though this flick. It was pretty, I do have to say that, this is the first movie to ever be shot of digital SLR cameras. Canon 1D's with Nikon Lenses. It looked great, and the animation was really well done. The flowing of the Corpse Brides dress. The coloring of the shots, and feel that the sets gave. And the character models, were just as great as they were in Nightmare. Fun shapes, and cool ideas. Sadly, this was about the best thing in the movie. The story was boring, I just didn't really care. I was so slow and predictable, it didn't cause the imagination to peak, or to filled with dread or happiness, or anything. It was very flat, and slow. Another thing that I feel doomed the movie, was the lack of marketable characters, or likable characters. I didn't want a Victor doll, or a Corpse Bride keychain, or care what happened to them. They were not fun. While thier shapes were creative, thier personalities were as stale as the story they were portraying. So in the end, if you like the animation, totally rent it, to check out what they did, it was good work. For anyone else, I would say that you probably are not missing much by not watching this.


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