Ice Age: The Meltdown

Rated: PG Running Time: 90 minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Ice Age II, no humans, more Scrat, and a big old butt. I saw this last weekend, when it came out to help fuel the 70 million dollar weekend box office take. But I am just getting to it now, I have been extremely busy, with a house, and work, and they changed the day of The Amazing Race and my downstairs DVR is being stupid, and splitting up fox recordings into 8 different pieces, and I have been feeling a little less wordy than I usually am. It all really has to do with a person at work, and I have been stressed, oh yea and the fucking time change. I also have had a 2 week headaches, and the fingers in one of my hands are numb, I am pretty sure I am going to die soon, or at least some part of me is going to fall off, so I have been concerned with other things that is all I am saying. The coming of something bad, perhaps like the sudden melting of a icy world that could threaten the lives of thousands of animals, with a great flood. (Had to go a long way for that one) I would not consider Ice Age 1 one of my favorites, it had CG humans in it which automatically freak me out. I really don't like the way they look, and they were like scary cave man CG humans, and that just isn't a fun thing for me. The story was cute, but just not the best out there for the time, and I would not say it was a bad movie just not the top of the list. Ice Age II seemed to fix all those problems. First of all it didn't have any humans, which was awesome. I don't have to look at scary portrayals of artists representations of humans from the Ice Age. Second of all they kept what was good about the first one and added to it. They had Sid, did a lot more with him, and gave him a lot of jokes and playtime, it really made for a lot more humor. They also gave a lot more time to Scrat, which I think was a big request from Kids and Parents, hes solidly funny, and kept the joke mostly fresh even though it is the same thing again. I think these things really helped a lot with the overall fill of the movie and kept it going with a lot of subplots that could carry for kids and parents. They added Queen Latifiah, as a Female Mammoth and love interest of Ray Romano's mammoth character. They added a few new fun characters, and added a lot more sub characters, to add a lot of different animals into the mix. It made for a lot more fun with the new technology with the CG since the first one, and to see the artists stretch with renditions of different animals is good for me. The water usage was amazing, and water technology with physics engines are getting just too good now, it really is getting to be where water looks as behaves as real water would. So with all the new art, solid jokes, good technology, and a fun story, that had adventure, fun, romance, and enough for kids and adults to check out, along with nothing else for kids really out right now, I would go see it at the theater if you are looking for something to go see. It is PG, and those parents who consider words like ass, and references to butt's as bad things, will not want to bring their kids, the rest of it is fine.

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