Silent Hill

Rated: R Running Time: 127 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Another video game/horror movie. I have not played any of the Silent Hill games. Horror games are not really something I like too much. They always are too dark and I don't play games in the dark, and after the terrible playability of Resident Evil, I just never really got behind too many other horror games. So since I have never played the games, I guess I didn't know the whole story. This is usually not an issue for me, as I usually have played the game or at least know something about it and can keep up. Or the movie is so simple that you really don't need anything to help you with the story. So this movie, while not a complete mind bender, does have a lot of open ended unanswered questions. It leaves you going, so what happened, what does this or that mean, and what happened at the end of the movie. I think this movie was made with the knowledge that it was a fan movie, and so they didn't dive deeper into it. The movie is 2 hours as it is, we can't get deeper into story without people starting to lose interest, after all this is a horror movie. Sadly not really a horror movie though either. It was a mystery/thriller wrapped into some creepy scenes, but not necessarily a horror movie. The movie is stacked full of overacting nobodies who do not carry fear, mystery, or any other emotions very well at all. The story is ok, and I would not say completely terrible. It had some cool ideas, some cool scenes, and some cool sets, but I think that is all it really did very well. A bit of cool here and there that didn't complete the movie or execute it extremely well. However with all that the movie isn't completely lost. It held my attention pretty well, but it did feel long at the end, and I would say that it was cool enough to rent if your into stylistic horror. Just don't expect something amazing.

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