Rated: G Running Time: 81 Minutes Year: 1995 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: Add another movie to the long long list of Disney movies that the main character is without a mother. There is a reason why I and many other people have not seen this movie. And here it is. Not Hot! Look at the previous Disney girls… Ariel, a red headed mermaid! Belle, a way hot french farm girl And Jasmine, a way hot scantly clad desert hotty. Disney was in a new period, there was a new animation process, with painted back drops using computer overlays, new way's to animate, and new wonderful songs. They were doing everything right and included in that was some way hot looking lead's. Now I know some of you are thinking, these are cartoons, how can they be hot. But it does not matter, the first thing I thought when I saw the preview for Pocahontas, when I was in High School was, man she looks like crap I don't wanna see that movie, because if the lead looks like crap, then the movie must be crap. Guy's have to go to these movies too, weather it is as a dad, or a boyfriend, we have to want to see these movies too. And Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel made it a lot easier for us to say yes, we will go. So Libertie bought this movie finally, kinda low on her list of Disney movies as she just acquired it. So I finally watched it only 11 years late. Was it worth the wait…no, not really. I mean it was good, but it was on such a different page than almost anything else they had done in the 90's, it just sticks out as boring and not really that fun. The other Disney movies of this time, made you feel magical, and alive, that anything was possible. All this movie made me feel is like, damn, we white people sure were motherfuckers back in the day. (and some still are) It did not have fun characters, it did not have good songs, and it did not have a lot of color or livleyness to it. The whole movie can be predicted and understood if you compare the picture of Pocahontas to one of the other girls, more straight and without color and softness. Just harsh, boring, and kinda not remarkable in any way. //pics.livejournal.com/the_reviews/pic/00003ayd” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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