Rated: Running Time: 116 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: It's like Doc Hollywood, but with cars, instead of Michael J Fox. You might or might not know that I own all the pixar films, I find them to be excellent movies and over all they have all gotten 5 star ratings from me, except for last year's incredibles, which only got a 4 from me. Coming into cars, I was a little so-so on the concept, and the art itself. It looks weird. Weird for even pixar. The cars looked too rounded, and the smiling faces and big teeth, led me to think that this movie was going to let me down, maybe even worse that The Incredibles, which wasn't a let down, just not a 5 star movie. The opening race sequence for this movie put all that worry aside. The attention to detail I have always loved with Pixar, but even those little pieces of rubber on the track, like in a real nascar race where there, and they moved as the cars moved when they drove by. It really was amazing. Getting past the opening, the detail, art, and scenes were amazing. Beautiful landscapes, scenes, where if you cut out the scene, and played it on TV, or where you would not know it was from a Pixar movie, you would not say that this was not a real filmed scene. There was no way to tell it was not real. If the story completely sucked, it would still be worth it to go just to see the detail and ideas applied to the film. It is really amazing seeing these ideas applied in ways they needed to be for them to be in a world of cars. Luckily the story didn't suck either. It wasn't a brand new story, I know, but I so didn't care, the repackaging in the cars world, and the solid humor of the characters, and moral developing ideas, worked perfectly. Larry the Cable guy, was not annoying in any way, and I really expected him to be, he was funny, and made me laugh a lot. They mixed in all these real people from the car world, Michael Schumacher, Andretti, Junior, Richard Petty, and many others. Along with an amazing cast, good story, funny, amazing art, and fun little details, this movie delivered in a big Pixar way. Well worth the 8 bucks and the purchase on DVD. I might go see it in the theater again.

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