Monster House

Rated: PG Running Time: 91 Minutes Year: 2006 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: I don't know what was scarier the kids or the house. When the previews for Shrek came out whenever that was some time ago. I though to myself. Holy crap I am not going to go see this movie, do you see what the humans look like. They are freaking me out! However, eventually I did go see it and I liked it very much. I got over the way the humans looked in that movie. Also watched Shrek 2 and had a grand old time. The same thing happened with the preview for Monster House. The kids, looked, UGLY. However thanks to my past with Shrek, it wasn't going to stop me once again from watching this movie. Maybe it should have. I would say for a kids movie, this one is pretty scary. The story is pretty cool, fits into that whole, "Are you afraid of the dark" type story. Some of those were pretty good for being on Nickelodeon. So this too, was pretty good, as far as it being scary. If the story stayed as it was and the casting and human's were cast better, then it would have worked really well. Some reason though the face to voice presentation was HORRIBLE. It was like this person should not sound like they do. Fred Willard as the dad. Maggie Gyyyyeeennhalllallll as the teen babysitter it just did not work at all. Then the fat kid. The fat kid was horribly annoying throughout the whole movie. I wish the house would have killed him so he would STFU. So the weird voice work, with the ugly faces and the horrible fat kid really turned off the story. I just couldn't hang with it. I mean I watched it all, but it was hard. The story pretty ok, the house art was awesome, really good, the humans, and the voices not good at all. If you have mid older kids, then it might be good to rent, but the adults looking for it, can skip it.

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