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Well some of you might have heard that Christmas is this Monday, a small US holiday.  We actually get it off of work too.  Which is kind of nice.   So of course I will not be writing until at least Tuesday, so while I am away, I thought I might offer you some Christmas movies you might have forgotten about, or might want to check out, I know it is a little late for you Netflix people, but you can still run up to Blockbuster and see if they have it.   


Scrooged.  Is probably my favorite Christmas movie.  Bill Murray, Carol Kane, and Bob Goldthwaith.  What more can you ask for in a Christmas movie!   Very funny, cool movie, with a good Christmas message based of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. 


Silent Night Deadly Night

Silent Night Deadly Night.  Nothing says Christmas like a little murder.  A must see for anyone that loves Christmas.  This movie has 4 sequels as well if you really want to catch them all.   



My girlfriend says that Gremlins is not a Christmas movie, but I say it is.  I am the one with the blog so I win that argument.    You might want to check it out and see which one of us is right.  I am sure I am.  We even own this one on DVD.  I'll make her watch it tonight.  


Polar Express

The Polar Express (IMAX)  If you have not seen The Polar Express, I really think you should.  It is quite good, and probably the best Christmas movie to come out in the last 10 years.  Amazing animation and a wonderful story.  However if you have the chance to see it on an IMAX 3-D screen.  DO IT!  It is truly a wonderful movie experience.  Our's sells out every year.  Have to buy tickets early.  


Die Hard

Die Hard. The ultimate Christmas action movie.  Christmas just isn't Christmas without John McClane.  If this is not on your list to watch this weekend, well then I don't know if you really know the true meaning of Christmas.  


Well that is it for my list of Christmas movies, watch some.  If you have some you love that you think I should check out, leave a comment, I am always looking for new movies.   Until next week after Christmas, Happy whatever you celebrate.   


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