Lady In The Water Movie Review

Lady In The Water

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 110 Minutes

Year: 2006 

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  Better than the last few.

Night is an unlucky guy.  He releases the biggest twist movie in a very long time.  I mean mind blowing, everyone talks about it.  Everyone knows it now.  The movie so huge for your first mainstream film, makes everything else seem so much less than.  It is almost the musical version of a one hit wonder.  He keeps trying.  Some of the other's I liked, some I didn't.   I always go though.  I have faith in his stories, and that they will entertain me, even if they are no Sixth Sense.  

Lady In The Water had gotten probably the worst press since Unbreakable.   It is even nominated for a few Razzie's.  Including Worst Picture of the Year.   I personally don't get it.  The bad press that is.  I agree it is no Sixth Sense, but what movie is going to be?  I thought the movie, was a cool fantasy film, with fine acting and a very cool script.  It was not meant to be as scary as the past ones, and not really supposed to be twisty.  It is more of a normal story, as they say on the poster.  A bedtime story.  

Yes it was not the perfect movie.  Night as an actor leaves a lot to be desired, and there were some parts that I think could have been paced a little better.  They just felt a little slow though, not like they dragged on. I do not think we should fault a movie because it is not as good as a different movie by the same director.  That doesn't make a movie bad.  Maybe I am way off here (which I usually am) but I thought that the whole idea was very fresh, and worth telling.  I was interested and wanted to know more, and see more.  It showed a lot of visuals compared to previous movies of Night's, and didn't try to throw some shock in at the end, that was obscure and hard to see or understand.  I really do not get why this movie was ripped to pieces by critics.  I am going to back a recommendation for you to add this to your queue even.  If you want something that makes the everyday world seem more amazing, and are going into the movie with an open mind about it, I think you will like it as much as I did.  

4 stars 


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