Jackass 2 Movie Review

Jackass 2

Rated: NR

Running Time: 95 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero, but there were naked man parts

One Sentence:  I want more stunts, less gross stuff.

I remember when there was this show on, that was pretty funny.  It has this dumb idiots doing stunts and stuff that were really dumb ideas.   It was funny and we laughed at them.  They would launch shopping carts into bushes with people in them.  It was a fun time.   They got more popular and got a movie, there were gross things in the movie, that they could not show on TV.  It was funny too, but sometimes, it might have been a little gross.  Maybe a little too gross.  Then came the second movie, and it seems like what we all originally loved, was there, some of it was there, but it had just gotten a little too gross.  

I don't know if I am old, or just smart, but I don't need vomit in my movies.  I just do not.  Poo either.  None of that.  Do the things like shooting yourself with crowd control riot pellets.  Have a bull tackle you blindfolded, or a snake attacking your mr. winky.  All those things are really funny, and were some amazing ideas.  But anything involving some sort of fluid that comes out of you or some animal.  I think we could have done without.   There is a line with these guys, that I think was crossed here and even their most loyal fans might have gone…ewww, that wasn't for me.   It was really not for me.   So while the stunts were really good, well thought out and very funny.  You have to share that time with really really gross stuff, that just doesn't seem like anyone really needs to see.   I mean if you are into that, that is your thing and go for it.  I just felt like a movie with all stunts and no fluids would have been a 5 star flick.  Now only a 3.  Maybe rent it if you think you can hang.

3 stars

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