Bridge To Terabithia Movie Review

Bridge To Terabithia

Rated: PG

Running Time: is down

Year: 2007

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence: I have not cried this much since The Notebook.

Ok, first, no matter what you might have seen in the trailer, this movie is not about a fantasy world.   Well, not really.   There is very little fantasy world parts.   The trailer is wrong in that regard, and it is kinda crappy of Disney to have done, because I have heard that a lot of parents are taking their young kids to this movie.  I don't think that is such a wise move, according to the wailing 6 year old in the theater, and the sobbing Mikey either.   So please be aware, there are tear worthy things that might not be best for young kids in this one. 

I am effected by movies I think a little differently that a lot of people.  Sad things make me cry.  But things that show imagination and the reality of that imagination coming to life, in ways that my brain and emotions feel is magical, will make me cry.   I am pretty sure it's from Disneyland, it is the same feeling I get when I go to Disneyland for the first hour I am there, it is like anything is possible and you can make anything happen, if you try and dream it.   I am a sucker for Walt Disney and his belief in things.   Hard work and imagination will make new worlds appear.   This is the message of Bridge To Terabithia, and it is an excellent message.  However to get to this message, there is peril ahead.   It shocked me and turned me into a sobbing fountain.  So bad things happen, then good amazing things happen.  So the last 20 minutes I am just crying non-stop.  

In the end, you are left with an amazing movie with an excellent message and a wonderful story, that was kept true to the book, and felt like a nice change to the bubble gum and kid sheltered fluff coming out all the time.  If you have tweens, or older, I think it is a good movie for them to go see.  While my eyes burned and I tired to hide them from the parents who were not effected, I thought to myself that in the end it was beautiful and made me feel good, about seeing it, and about it's message.

4 stars 

  • sydelbow

    OHNOZ! Its a crying movie!??!?! :/

  • Aww, are you calling me a parent who was not affected? =(

    I was, I just read the book 20 years ago, so already knew what was going to happen. =/

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