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Ghost Rider Movie Review

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: IMDB down Year: 2007 Boobs: Eva Mendes cleavage was in every shot she was in. One Sentence:  It was like a good Marvel comic book movie, except for the good part.   I know, we already knew it looked horrible.  Some movies look bad, that end up surprising us.  Look at…um…well […]

Bridge To Terabithia Movie Review

Rated: PG Running Time: is down Year: 2007 Boobs: Zero One Sentence: I have not cried this much since The Notebook. Ok, first, no matter what you might have seen in the trailer, this movie is not about a fantasy world.   Well, not really.   There is very little fantasy world parts.   The […]

Lily Allen

I hate music as a general rule.   Everything that is new, is not, and it annoys me and just makes me want to turn it all off.  I for the most part would rather have silence than music.   However Lily Allen is crushing my heart in her British hot skanky way.  Sick smooth […]

President’s Day Movie List

I live in Austin, the capital of Texas, I work right next to a bunch of state and city offices, so it hurts a lot to come to work today and see all their parking lots empty.  Then I remember they work for the state, and never have any responsibility, or anything productive going on, […]

The Reviewer on Search

Well today I am happy to report about The Reviewer and my search engine listings.   I can see where people come from when they come into a site.  It is really neat, I bet not all of you knew that.   I don't know who YOU are, I just see where you came from.  […]

New Feature at The Reviewer – User Reviews

So I like to write reviews…but I bet other people would like their voice heard as well.   I have been trying to find a way to do this.  I started the Film Club, which works well, but doesn't cover everything….So I have added something new.   If you leave a comment, you can also now […]

Quick Links

I have a movie review to write, for Sabrina.  The remake, you know the one with Harrison Ford?  But it was so boring, and not worth a damn at all, I am having a hard time finding enough in myself to write a review about it.   So instead, I am going to give up […]

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