Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 116 Minutes

Year: 2006

Boobs: Zero

One Sentence:  Good acting, with no real point.

So supposedly this movie, is based on the true story of a kid that changed his name when he became a writer to portray the fantastic and truly unbelievable story of his life growing up in book form.  Which then became the movie Running With Scissors.  Which in the beginning of the movie states, that we will not believe it.  I of course do not believe it.  However before I get into all that I guess I will talk about the movie as a stand alone element, and will not care if it is or is not real. 

It is a twisted story of a teen boy and his life growing up, that is driven by amazingly wonderful performances by almost all the actors in this film.  However the acting is the only thing that seems to be worth noting is this jumbled up story.  Thinking about the story now, and the articles I am reading about the story and life, I am lost at the point.  What I seem to have figured out, or what I think is happening is there was no point.  This movie, and book, stand on their own with no point, because the story is so unbelievable, yet is true.   So there is this whole big 2 hour production of power acting in segments, that leaves us wondering what just happened, and if in fact it is true.  We must know more, is this even possible.  Let's buy the book.  

So, after all of this, I come to find out the family that the movie is about is suing the writer, for Libel, there is a 7 page article on them here.   Most of these kids have advanced degrees.  It seems so weird that these crazy people all made it through college.  They all seem stable and all reply well in the article.  It almost seems like a story was made, and elaborated on, to sell books and a movie.  I mean I know this has never happened before (A million little pieces, The Hoax) but could it be that this story with no point and is only standing on the fact that it is true, is not true?  Sadly I think so, which dimishes the movie even further down the drain and without the amazing stellar cast, and amazing acting there would be nothing left at all. But if you took it as fiction, and just wanted to have fun and see a different version of the Adam's family, it might be worth checking out. As a true story, with meaning and a horrid look at this kids life, it's bullshit.  

3 stars

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